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viernes, 21 de junio de 2019



My name is oyuki, i'm a little oni. the onis, in japanese folklore, are something like a demon or an ogre in western culture.
I am gentle, although sometimes i get angry and shoot lightning from my horn.
I live in the clouds in the company of my little bear kokoro. little by little, i will introduce you to my peculiar family. for now, i´ll tell you that i have a boyfriend: ikuto, he’s a  terrestrial astronaut.
I met ikuto while he was crossing the sky on the way to the moon. it was instant attraction! but our love is complicated ...
He can’t breathe outside of the earth's atmosphere, which is where i live, that's why he always wears his spacesuit.
Our situation makes me reflect deeply, which gives birth to the phrases that are always with me. 



He is my beloved, even if he can’t breathe without his space suit when he is by my side.


My Little Bear, my confidant, to whom I whisper my longings when I go to sleep. He is always with me, in good times and bad times.

Phew! This subject is complicated ... He is the celestial Unicorn of the Rainbow. He makes the cup-cakes which feed all the magical beings in my universe. They are made of prana or solar energy (I do not know the recipe very well) that Unipedo absorbs with his horn and then, to put it delicately, he expels in the form of a cupcake from underneath his colourful tail.

He is the descendant of Godzilla and my best friend from nursery. Sometimes he has terrible moods, but so do I, so I don’t pay much attention to it. We like to drink coffee together and make macramé!

I have a goldfish, and when I'm feeling melancholic I look at it. I don’t know why, but he reminds me so much of Ikuto...

Like the great writer Edgar Allan Poe, I really, really don’t like this crow. Whenever I am in an uncomfortable situation, he comes to mock me. He likes to tell truths; the kind that hurt and one doesn’t want to admit.

The diver and the mermaid"
One day a wise guru told me that Ikuto and I have a karma to solve together.
In a previous incarnation we didn’t know how to resolve our situation, just like now. In that life Ikuto was a diver and I was a mermaid, so he could not breathe in the water and nor I could live outside of it.

Anyway ... It turns out that when I was a mermaid I was flirting with a sailor, but that's a secret that only my past self knows.

Sometimes the Earth, the Moon, the Sun and the rest of humanized planets appear in my adventures, and combined with so many laws of attraction in the Universe, usually this makes more than a mess.

I love witty and funny phrases. I’m always reflecting on love, absence of love, friendship and life.


The Great Oscar Wilde told me:
- There are no more than two rules for writing; Have something to say and say it.

So that's what I do...


As I live in the clouds, what I mostly do is dream ...
In my dreams I see myself traveling the world with millions of cards; delivering the messages of those who talk about things that reason does not understand. And, in the deepest dreams, there are piles of objects full of meaning: diaries, notebooks, folders, mugs, tablecloths, backpacks, hats, clothing, cushions, beach towels, bedding, vinyl ... I even have dreams in which I see myself as the protagonist in an animation series!
And it is because I dream so much that Elenilla recognizes that I’m a bit unusual. She says that I am sentimental, easily enamoured and somewhat presumptuous, but also very quickwitted, talkative and intelligent. And if she says so ...
All I know is that I connect very well with people who, like me, have stumbled over the intricacies of love and lack of love. And that I have a lot of affinity with lovers of Japanese culture and anime, with geeks, emos and romantics.
And to be honest, I’ll tell you a secret, I feel connected most to those who feel images say more than words..😉


Find me and have a coffee with me. I’ll always have time for you and new things to tell you =)

You can find me at or Instagram and Facebook as @oyukioni


Elenilla is my creator. She has a lot of imagination, and that makes things really complicated for me! ... She went to live in a small village in a valley surrounded by mountains looking for tranquillity, but then she doesn’t give it to me! I have a boyfriend unable to breathe the air that I breathe, who I always miss because I only get to see him when they send him on mission to orbit the Moon, and my best friend is Godzilla, A GODZILLA! Not to mention my diet... magical unicorn poops. No wonder she’s had psychotherapy...
Fortunately, I am just one of her infinite worlds, so from time to time she forgets me and that gives me a break.

If you want you can follow her in Instagram you can find her  
She makes some beautiful drawings, when she’s not drawing she also writes and ... sometimes does headstands!


OYUKI: My name is Japanese and it means Queen of the Snow. Nothing is further from the truth…. but Elenilla is Aquarius with Venus in Aquarius, or something like that, and that constellation is known as the Snow Queen.
IKUTO: Is another Japanese name and it means many constellations, many stars. And it was precisely among the stars where we fell in love.
KOKORO: Is the name of my bear and it means Heart in Japanese.
KOSUKEMy best friend's name is also Japanese and means "Rising sun". Kosuke is a Godzilla "Gojira", a symbol of twentieth century Japanese popular culture (the country of the rising sun). For those of you who are really curious I can tell you that his legend originated in 1954, when a certain Ishiro Honda made the film: "Gojira, Japan under the monster's terror". The film is an analogy of the terror lived by the Japanese people from the nuclear attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. Some people say that the name Gojira derives from a mixture of the Japanese words "gorira" (gorila) and "kujira" ( whale). But Kosuke, at the moment, seems very calm.
KROKA: Is the name of a kind of gray-headed raven that live in Sweden, Elenilla feeds them in the parks and tries to communicate with them ... She really loves ravens; maybe that's why Edgar Allan Poe was her favourite writer as a child.
OFURO: The name of my fish is a word that describes a type of traditional Japanese bath, with very hot water.

As you can see, Elenilla likes languages ​​very much, she even studies ancient languages ​​and mythology. She believes that we are woven sound. No idea what she means by that ... Sometimes I think she's a little bit crazy.

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